Keywords = Multi-objective optimization
Number of Articles: 7
3. Multi-objective Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm based Reconfiguration of Distribution Networks

Volume 7, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn 2019, Pages 148-156


M.A. Tavakoli Ghazi Jahani; P. Nazarian; A. Safari; M.R. Haghifam

6. A Multi-Objective HBMO-Based New FC-MCR Compensator for Damping of Power System Oscillations

Volume 1, Issue 2, Autumn 2013, Pages 110-123

R. Ghanizadeh; A. Jahandideh shendi; M. Ebadian; M. Golkar; A. Ajami

7. Active Power Filter Design by a Novel Approach of Multi-Objective Optimization

Volume 1, Issue 1, Spring 2013, Pages 54-62

H. R. Imanijajarmi; A. Mohamed; H. Shareef