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Bi-Level Unit Commitment Considering Virtual Power Plants and Demand Response Programs using Information Gap Decision Theory

Y. Babaei Shahmars; J. Salehi; N. Taghizadegan kalantari

Volume 9, Issue 2 , August 2021, , Pages 88-102


  The integration of the distributed energy resources into a single entity can do with virtual power plants. VPP is a cluster of dispatchable and non- dispatchable resource with flexible loads which distributed in allover the grid that aggregated and acts as a unique power plant. Flexible load is able ...  Read More

Power Electronic
Analysis and Design of a New Single Switch Non-Isolated Buck-Boost dc-dc Converter

M. R. Banaei; H. Ajdar Faeghi Bonab; N. Taghizadegan Kalantari

Volume 8, Issue 2 , August 2020, , Pages 116-127


  In this paper, a new transformerless buck-boost converter based on ZETA converter is introduced. The proposed converter has the ZETA converter advantages such as, buck-boost capability and input to output DC insulation. The suggested converter voltage gain is higher than the classic ZETA converter. In ...  Read More