Aims and Scope

Focus and Scope

The primary objective of the Journal of Operation and Automation in Power Engineering (JOAPE) will be to focus on operation of Power System, Control Engineering, Automation, modeling concepts and establishing new collaborations in these fields. The Journal will provide a high-level scientific forum for publication of the latest results in Operation and Automation of Power Engineering. The main focus of the Journal will be:

- Modeling and identification of technological processes in the   fields of Power engineering

- Applications of automatic control in power system

- Computer-aided technologies for power systems automation

- Systems Control devices and instruments

- Design system and algorithm

- Planning and reliability

- Long and short term operation

- System control centers

- On-line control including load and switching control

- Protection

- Microgrid

- Genetic algorithms and evolutionary computing

- Intelligent systems

- Systems and automation

- Neural networks and fuzzy logic

- Nonlinear control systems

- Optimization theory and Optimal control

- FACTS devices

- Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Systems

However, the journal should not be limited to the above. For more information, please contact or