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Short-Term Scheduling of Cryogenic Energy Storage Systems in Microgrids Considering CHP-Thermal-Heat-Only Units and Plug-in Electric Vehicles

S. Cheshme-Khavar; A. Abdolahi; F.S. Gazijahani; N.T. Kalantari; J.M. Guerrero

Volume 12, Issue 3 , August 2024, , Pages 233-244


  With the exponential penetration of renewable energy sources (RES), the need for compatible scheduling of these has increased from economic and environmental points of view. Due to the high-efficiency and fast-response features of combined heat and power (CHP) generation units, these units can immunize ...  Read More

Stochastic Simultaneous Planning of Interruptible Loads, Renewable ‎Generations and Capacitors in Distribution Network ‎

J. Salehi; F.S. Gazijahani; A. Safari

Volume 10, Issue 2 , August 2022, , Pages 113-121


  Executing interruptible loads (ILs) can be significantly effective for optimal and secure operation of power systems. These ILs can aid the operators not only to increase the reliability of the power supply but also to reduce the procurement costs of the whole system. Therefore, determining the optimal ...  Read More