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Application of Automatic Control in Power System
An Application of the Genetic Algorithm Optimization to Voltage and Reactive Power Control in the Distribution Systems

A.S. Altuma; R. Khalid; A.I. Alanssari; A. Hussien; Y.S. Mezaal; K. Al-Majdi; T. Alawsi

Volume 11, Special Issue , March 2023


  Insufficient synchronization between the operational efficiency of capacitors and tap-changer transformers in regulating voltage presents a fundamental challenge in distribution networks, which in turn hinders the control performance. This challenge is caused by the inability of these two components ...  Read More

Application of Automatic Control in Power System
A Novel Energy Management System to Optimize the Energy Consumption in a Smart Building

A. Sadratdin; A.A. Sabah; M. Zaidi; K. Raed; K.A. Jamal; H.O. Al-Mansor; F. Khattab

Volume 11, Special Issue , March 2023


  Over the last few decades, the majority of industrialized and developed countries have placed a strong emphasis on reducing the amount of wasted energy. In this study, electrical energy consumption is optimized by monitoring power consumption caused by residents' activities at various times of the day ...  Read More

Application of Automatic Control in Power System
Optimizing the Energy Consumption of an Electric Motor System Incorporates Hybrid Electric Energy Generators Using a Genetic Algorithm

А. Sadratdin; W.K. Al-Azzawi; B.M. Ali; A.N. Obeed; N.A. Hussien; A.M. Shareef; Kadhum Al-Majdi; A.S. Ibrahim

Volume 11, Special Issue , March 2023


  This study investigates a hybrid electric system that utilizes novel energy sources and is subject to variable production and uncertainty. The study proposes a multi-objective optimization methodology using Genetic Algorithm (GA) to optimize energy source consumption and utilization, accounting for variations ...  Read More

Application of Automatic Control in Power System
Maximizing the Generated Power of Wind Farms by Using Optimization Method

S.A. Abdul-Ameer; A.K.J. Al-Nussairi; R. Khalid; J.K. Abbas; A.H.O. Al-Mansor

Volume 11, Special Issue , March 2023


  In this study, the Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) method was employed to optimize the anticipated energy yield of a wind farm. The architecture of a wind farm, including its location, height, and shadow reduction, is determined using the PSO algorithm based on the turbine height and rotor diameter. ...  Read More

Application of Automatic Control in Power System
Distributed multi-agent Load Frequency Control for a Large-scale Power System Optimized by Grey Wolf Optimizer

A. Akbarimajd; M. Olyaee; H. Shayeghi; B. Sobhani

Volume 5, Issue 2 , December 2017, , Pages 151-162


  This paper aims to design an optimal distributed multi-agent controller for load frequency control and optimal power flow purposes. The controller parameters are optimized using Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO) algorithm. The designed optimal distributed controller is employed for load frequency control ...  Read More

Application of Automatic Control in Power System
Robust Agent Based Distribution System Restoration with Uncertainty in Loads in Smart Grids

N. Zendehdel

Volume 3, Issue 1 , June 2015, , Pages 1-22

  This paper presents a comprehensive robust distributed intelligent control for optimum self-healing activities in smart distribution systems considering the uncertainty in loads. The presented agent based framework obviates the requirements for a central control method and improves the reliability of ...  Read More

Application of Automatic Control in Power System
Condition Monitoring Techniques of Power Transformers: A Review

Z. Moravej; S. Bagheri

Volume 3, Issue 1 , June 2015, , Pages 71-82

  Power transformers provide a vital link between the generation and distribution of produced energy. Such static equipment is subjected to abuse during operation in generation and distribution stations and leads to catastrophic failures. This paper reviewed the techniques in the field of condition monitoring ...  Read More