A Novel Combined DTC Method and SFOC System for Three-phase Induction Machine Drives with PWM Switching Method

Document Type : Research paper


1 Department of Electrical Engineering, Gorgan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Gorgan, Iran.

2 Electrical Engineering Department, Golestan University, Gorgan, Iran.


In this paper, a novel combined Direct Torque Control (DTC) method and Stator-Flux Oriented Control (SFOC) system to increase general performances of Three-Phase Induction Motor (TPIM) drives is proposed. The introduced control scheme includes merits of DTC for instance simple structure, less dependent on PI controller coefficients, fast dynamics, and merits of SFOC such as high precision and constant switching frequency. Specifically, the proposed control scheme includes a table-based variable structure developed on DTC strategy and a PI controller in connection with a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) algorithm based on SFOC strategy. To confirm the usefulness of the introduced controller, simulation studies are accomplished for a 2.5kW TPIM in different situations. Results under the presented control system approve the good performances of this technique in comparison with classic DTC and classic SFOC. Investigation in TPIM performances under the introduced control system indicates relatively quick dynamic responses with low torque and stator flux ripples.


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