Data Mining Model Based Differential Microgrid Fault Classification Using SVM ‎Considering Voltage and Current Distortions

Document Type : Research paper


Electrical Engineering Department, School of Technology, Pandit Deendayal Energy University, Gandhinatar, ‎Gujarat, India


This paper reports support vector machine (SVM) based fault detection and classification in microgrid while considering distortions in voltages and currents, time and frequency series parameters, and differential parameters. For SVM-based fault classification, the data set is formed by analysing the operation of the standard IEC microgrid model, with and without grid interconnection, under different fault and non-fault scenarios. Fault scenarios also include different locations, resistances, and incident angles of fault. Whereas, for non-fault scenarios, the variation in load is considered. Voltages and currents from both ends of the distribution line (DL) are sampled at 1920 Hz. The time and frequency series parameters, total harmonic distortion (THD) in current and voltage, and differential parameters are determined. The SVM algorithm uses these parameters to detect and classify faults. The performance of this developed SVM based algorithm is compared with that of different machine learning algorithms. This comparative analysis reveals that SVM detects and classifies the faults on the microgrid with an accuracy of over 99.99%. The performance of the proposed method is also tested with 30 dB, 35 dB, and 40 dB noise in the generated data, which represent measurement errors.


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