Document Type : Research paper


Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Ardabil, Iran


The Switched Reluctance Motors (SRMs) not only are low cost for industry applications, but ‎also they could work in various conditions with high reliability and efficiency. However, usage ‎of these motors in high speeds applications under discrete mode causes decreasing the ‎efficiency. In this paper, a new optimized control method based on the various Torque Sharing ‎Functions (TSFs) and optimization algorithms is proposed for Minimum Torque Ripple Point ‎Tracking (MTRPT) of a 4-phase SRM with 6/8 poles. In this method, turn-on and commutation angles are controlled based on the lookup table. The proposed method could adjust the rapid variations of the current in the starting mode of SRM. To show the robustness of the proposed approach, a real case study is considered, the control method is applied in an Electric Vehicle (EV) mechanism, and its performance is assessed in various motion states such as acceleration, breakage, and steady-state. Also, the position sensor for the studied EV is ‎neglected, which could reduce the extra costs. There are two various scenarios considered for solving the problem. First, the turn-off and turn-on angles are controlled, and the commutation angle is fixed. The results show the ‎robustness of the proposed method with about 90 \% diminishing the torque ripple, compared to ‎when all mentioned angles are fixed. In the second step, based on a lookup table, instead of using ‎complex analytical methods, the turn-on angle is controlled. Therefore, a variable turn-on ‎angle ‎proportional to the applied speed is applied to the commutation control system of SRM. Besides, ‎a lookup table is created to restrain the reduction of the turn-off angle. The simulation results are ‎compared to other previous methods, and the worth of the proposed method is shown.‎


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