Document Type : Research paper


1 Senior teacher, Master Electro Energetics, Kazakh National Agrarian Research University,Abai 8 Almaty, Kazakhstan

2 Al-Manara College For Medical Sciences/ (Maysan)/Iraq

3 Medical Lab. Techniques Department/ College of Medical Technology/ Al-Farahidi University/ Iraq

4 Department of Optical Techniques, Al-Zahrawi University College, Karbala, Iraq

5 AL-Nisour University College/ Baghdad/ Iraq

6 National University of Science and Technology, Dhi Qar, Iraq


The incorporation of sustainable energy sources holds significant significance in the economic, social, and environmental domains of any country because of the exhaustion of non-renewable energy resources and escalation of ecological degradation. This holds true irrespective of the country's geographical location. Owing to these two factors, the employment of this particular type of energy is emerging as a progressively noteworthy tactic. The present investigation involved the generation of power transmission network simulations using solar power plants. The network model was chosen as the preferred approach for a specific locality in Baghdad, Iraq, which is characterized by a noteworthy concentration of solar and wind energy generators. A numerical model was employed to construct a power transmission network model that integrated Renewable Energy Sources (RES). The Digsilent/Power Factory software has been utilized for the purpose of modeling the power transmission network that incorporates RES. The developed network model integrates several distinct case studies, each of which includes diverse links that exhibit varying levels of renewable energy sources (RES). As per the simulation findings, the 346 kV shared bus is linked to the 154 kV Iraqi transmission line via a 156/35.8 kV step-up transformer. The transmission system was represented by bus voltages of 156 and 290 kV. The permissible range of operational voltages for a transmission system should not deviate beyond 5\% of the voltage level at the corresponding substations.