Evaluation of Peak Shifting and Energy Saving Potential of Ice Storage Based Air Conditioning Systems in Iran

Document Type : Research paper


1 University of Tabriz

2 Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran


Thermal energy storage (TES) system has been introduced as a practical facility for shifting load from peak hours to off-peak hours. Because of different energy consumption during day and night, peak and off peak period is created on load curve. Ice storage technology which is a kind of TES system, is implemented in different points of the world with the purpose of solving load shifting problem. The basic process of this technology is storing energy in the ice during off-peak hours, utilizing an air conditioning unit in which the stored energy will be utilized during day. Utilization of ice storage system is a good solution for optimizing consumption of gas and electrical energy, which will be effective in urban pollution reduction. This paper aims to introduce load shifting problem and the implemented procedures to overcome this problem from the past, analyzing ice storage system as a solution to this problem. Moreover, feasibility of the ice storage technology on a case study in Iran is discussed to show the performance and efficiency of the technology. The obtained results for the case study show that by utilizing ice storage system the consumption and the paid cost will be reduced with respect to conventional system.


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