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Optimizing Multi-objective Function for User-Defined Characteristics Relays and Size of Fault Current Limiters in Radial Networks with Renewable Energy Sources

M. Faghihi Rezaei; M. Gandomkar; J. Nikoukar

Volume 12, Issue 1 , January 2024, , Pages 42-53


  Installing the renewable energy sources (RESs) in distribution networks changes the fault current direction, increases the fault current level and, consequently, eliminates the protection coordination between the protective devices. Overcurrent relays are among the most important protective devices in ...  Read More

An Improved Optimal Protection Coordination for Directional Overcurrent ‎Relays in Meshed Distribution Networks with DG Using a Novel Truth Table ‎

H. Shad; M. Gandomkar; J. Nikoukar

Volume 11, Issue 3 , October 2023, , Pages 151-161


  To assure the security and optimal protection coordination in meshed distribution networks, clearing faults swiftly and selectively is an essential priority. This priority, when hosting distributed generations (DGs), becomes the main challenge in order to avoid the unintentional DGs tripping. To overcome ...  Read More

Multi-Objective Function Optimization for Locating and Sizing of Distributed ‎Generation Sources in Radial Distribution Networks with Fuse and Recloser ‎Protection

S. Ghobadpour; M. Gandomkar; J. Nikoukar

Volume 9, Issue 3 , December 2021, , Pages 266-273


  Power quality, reliability, loss reduction, and fault clearing times are essential factors in distribution networks. Radial distribution networks often face two problems, line losses and voltage drop at the end of the grid. Connecting distributed generation (DG) can resolve these problems, but it can ...  Read More