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Data Mining and SVM Based Fault Diagnostic Analysis in Modern Power System Using Time and Frequency Series Parameters Calculated From Full-Cycle Moving Window

P. Venkata; V. Pandya; A.V. Sant

Volume 12, Issue 3 , August 2024, , Pages 206-214


  This paper proposes a complete diagnostic analysis of faults in a typical modern power system's transmission line using the support vector machine (SVM) with time-series parameters and frequency series parameters as features. The training and testing data of the proposed method are collected by simulating ...  Read More

Data Mining Model Based Differential Microgrid Fault Classification Using SVM ‎Considering Voltage and Current Distortions

P. Venkata; V. Pandya; A.V. Sant

Volume 11, Issue 3 , October 2023, , Pages 162-172


  This paper reports support vector machine (SVM) based fault detection and classification in microgrid while considering distortions in voltages and currents, time and frequency series parameters, and differential parameters. For SVM-based fault classification, the data set is formed by analysing the ...  Read More

Improving the Effect of Electric Vehicle Charging on Imbalance Index in the ‎Unbalanced Distribution Network Using Demand Response Considering Data ‎Mining Techniques

M.A. Baherifard; R. Kazemzadeh; A.S. Yazdankhah; M. Marzband

Volume 11, Issue 3 , October 2023, , Pages 182-192


  With the development of electrical network infrastructure and the emergence of concepts such as demand response and using electric vehicles for purposes other than transportation, knowing the behavioral patterns of network technical specifications to manage electrical systems has become very important ...  Read More