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Planing & Reliability
Reliability Analysis of Power System Considering Renewable Resources, CHP Units, Energy Storage Devices and Demand Response Program

A. Ghaedi; M. Mahmoudian; R. Sedaghati

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 08 November 2023


  In recent years, due to rising social welfare, the reliability has become one of most important topics of modern power network and electricity companies try to provide the electric power to the consumers with minimal interruptions. For this purpose, the electricity companies to improve the reliability ...  Read More

Energy Management
Energy Management in Microgrids Containing Electric Vehicles and Renewable ‎Energy Sources Considering Demand Response

G.R Aghajani; I. Heydari

Volume 9, Issue 1 , April 2021, , Pages 34-48


  Microgrid and smart electrical grids are among the new concepts in power systems that support new technologies within themselves. Electric cars are some advanced technologies that their optimized use can increase grid efficiency. The modern electric cars sometimes, through the necessary infrastructure ...  Read More

Power System Operation
Stochastic Assessment of the Renewable–Based Multiple Energy System in the Presence of Thermal Energy Market and Demand Response Program

H. Mousavi-Sarabi; M. Jadidbonab; B. Mohammadi ivatloo

Volume 8, Issue 1 , February 2020, , Pages 22-31


  The impact of different energy storages on power systems has become more important due to the development of energy storage technologies. This paper optimizes the stochastic scheduling of a wind-based multiple energy system (MES) and evaluates the operation of the proposed system in combination with ...  Read More

Distribution Systems
Multi-Objective Optimization of Demand Side Management and Multi DG in the Distribution System with Demand Response

M. Alilou; D. Nazarpour; H. Shayeghi

Volume 6, Issue 2 , December 2018, , Pages 230-242


  The optimal management of distributed generation (DG) enhances the efficiency of the distribution system; On the other hand, increasing the interest of customers in optimizing their consumption improves the performance of DG. This act is called demand side management. In this study, a new method based ...  Read More

Micro Grid
Optimal Sizing of Energy Storage System in A Renewable-Based Microgrid Under Flexible Demand Side Management Considering Reliability and Uncertainties

M. Majidi; S. Nojavan

Volume 5, Issue 2 , December 2017, , Pages 205-214


  Utilization of energy storage system (ESS) in microgrids has turned to be necessary in recent years and now with the improvement of storage technologies, system operators are looking for an exact modeling and calculation for optimal sizing of ESS. In the proposed paper, optimal size of ESS is determined ...  Read More

Energy Management
Optimal Operation Management of Grid-connected Microgrid Using Multi-Objective Group Search Optimization Algorithm

H. Shayeghi; E. Shahryari

Volume 5, Issue 2 , December 2017, , Pages 227-239


  Utilizing distributed generations (DGs) near load points has introduced the concept of microgrid. However, stochastic nature of wind and solar power generation as well as electricity load makes it necessary to utilize an energy management system (EMS) to manage hourly power of microgrid and optimally ...  Read More