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A Resilience-Oriented Graph-Based Method for Restoration of Critical Loads in Distribution Networks Using Microgrids

M. Karimi; M. Eslamian

Volume 13, Issue 1 , January 2025, , Pages 99-109


  This paper presents a resilience-based approach for critical load restoration in distribution networks using microgrids during extreme events when the main supply is disrupted. Reconfiguration of the distribution network using graph theory is investigated, for which Dijkstra's algorithm is first used ...  Read More

Torque Ripple Reduction of the Position Sensor-less Switched Reluctance Motors Applied in the Electrical Vehicles

A. Dejamkhooy; A. Ahmadpour

Volume 11, Issue 4 , December 2023, , Pages 258-267


  The Switched Reluctance Motors (SRMs) not only are low cost for industry applications, but ‎also they could work in various conditions with high reliability and efficiency. However, usage ‎of these motors in high speeds applications under discrete mode causes decreasing the ‎efficiency. In ...  Read More

Energy Management
A Comparative Study on Charging Time of Electric Vehicles Optimization Using Cuckoo Search and Particle Swarm Optimization Methods

S.M.H. Kamona; H.A. Abbas; A.A. Ibrahim; N.Q. Mohammed; A.A. Ali; B.A. Mohammed; M.S. Hamza

Volume 11, Special Issue , March 2023


  The implementation of electric vehicles for this specific purpose could potentially cause an impact on the load on the network. From one standpoint, it is more advantageous to initiate the charging process of electric vehicle batteries as soon as they are connected to the grid, in order to guarantee ...  Read More

Smart Grid
The Optimal Parking Lot for Electrical Vehicle: An Assessment Based on Artificial Immune System Algorithm

B.A. Usmanovich; T.M.H. Kinanah; A.H.O. Al-Mansor; K. Al-Majdi; S.H. Hlail; D.A. Lafta; A.R.T. Zaboun; J.K. Abbas

Volume 11, Special Issue , March 2023


  The optimum location of electric vehicle (EV) parking lots is critical in distribution network design for lowering costs, boosting revenues, and enhancing dependability. However, conventional distribution network schedulers were not designed with these variables in mind. Furthermore, the increased use ...  Read More

Energy Management
Energy Management in Microgrids Containing Electric Vehicles and Renewable ‎Energy Sources Considering Demand Response

G.R Aghajani; I. Heydari

Volume 9, Issue 1 , April 2021, , Pages 34-48


  Microgrid and smart electrical grids are among the new concepts in power systems that support new technologies within themselves. Electric cars are some advanced technologies that their optimized use can increase grid efficiency. The modern electric cars sometimes, through the necessary infrastructure ...  Read More