A Novel Improved HBMO Algorithm Regarding Generation Expansion Planning in Deregulated Energy Networks

Volume 11, Special Issue (Open), March 2023


M. Kavitha; S.J. Mahendra; S. Chupradit; A.S. Nurrohkayati; S.B. Kadhim; Y.F. Mustafa; A.T. Jalil; M.H. Ali; D. Sunarsi; L. Akhmetov

Optimization of a Hybrid Photovoltaic System with Gas Engine to Supply Electricity and Heat

Volume 11, Special Issue (Open), March 2023


D. Abdullah; W.K. Al-Azzawi; J.K. Abbas; S.H. Talib; B.M. Ali; S.H. Hlail; A.A. Ali; M.Q. Mohammed; C.I. Erliana

Thevenin Impedance Concept for Fast Detection of Microgrid Islanding Scenarios in the Presence of Small Synchronous Generators

Articles in Press, Corrected Proof, Available Online from 30 May 2023


I. Sepehrirad; R. Ebrahimi; E. Alibeiki; S. Ranjbar